Kono Sokan ” Tea bowl “

ID 00261

Kono Sokan


Zen Rinzai. The zen master of Daijyo-ji monastery at Ehime. The founder of the Myoko-ji monastery in Nagoya. The chief abbot of the Hoko-ji section.


Tea Bowl.


Sit quietly and listen to the pine trees. Daien.

閑坐聴松聲 大淵叟



Paper Dimension 33*43.5

Whole Dimension 126*46.5


Sumi ink on paper has little stains. Tea ceremony style silk mounting is fine.


Pawlownia box.


Price 70,000JPY

At the age of 8, he was ordained by Master Ashikaga Shizan at Manjyu-ji Temple in Oita Prefecture. In 1917, after studying under Kankei Matsuoka at Myoko-ji Temple, he entered the Shogen-ji monastery at Ibuka, Gifu, to attend Kawashima Syoin. In 1925, he entered the esoteric Buddhism program at Entsu-ritsu-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. In 1928, he transferred to Shokoku Monastery in Kyoto, and attended Yamazaki Daiko. In 1939, he succeeded the Dharma from Yamazaki Daiko. In the same year, he moved to Myoko-ji Temple, where he succeeded Dharma from Zenki Sugimoto, and founded a monastery there. He became a chief abbot of the Hoko-ji section. In the same year, he was assigned to Myoshin-ji branch in China, as missionary superintendent of the branch. During the turmoil of the war, he offered the Zen hall to war orphans and returned to Japan with them. Through this experience, he devoted himself to social welfare. He passed away in 1970.

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