Katsumine Daitetsu ” Wooden stuff “

ID 00112

Katsumine Daitestu


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of Nanzen-ji. The Zen master of Kouon-ji, Tokyo.


Painting of a wooden stuff.  ” Beat the demons of hell to death with this. ” 82 years old Daitetsu.


Paper Dimension 137*32

Whole Dimension 195*41

Sumi ink on paper. The paper and mounting have little stains. Both are original.

Paulownia box


Price 60,000JPY


Honolific name Sanko shitsu, Tekisui Ken. He was ordained by Renkei who as abott of Konkou-ji in his childhood. He visited and study under many Zen masters, Koin in Gifu, Sei’in in Toko-ji. Then he settled in branch of Kongo-ji.

After a few years, hand over his job to his deciple and go to Kyoto to study under Zen master Kaisyu in Tofuku-ji again. He visited  Zen masters and continued his studies after that. In 1880, He succeeded to the Dharma at Nanzenji Temple and at the same time received the Dharma transmission from Kanjyu Roshi of Myoshinji Temple. In 1882, He took a position of a chief abbot of Nanzen-ji.

After retired chief abbot of Nanzen-ji, he moved to Ko’on-ji in Tokyo and devoted himself to the revival of the temple. He died at 83 years old.

Amid the movement to abolish Buddhism at the beginning of the Meiji era (1868-1912), he is said to have dared to confront the government and firmly defended Buddhism.