Izawa Kanjyu ” Begging Monks “

ID : 11452

Izawa Kanjyu ( Deiryu – kutsu )


Rinzai section  The 626th of the Myoshin-ji  Enpuku-ji, Kyoto


Painting of the begging Monks


Paper Dimension 129 * 19

Whole Dimension 194 * 31

Condition Paper Fine, Mounting Good

Cedar Box with the self certification


Price 250,000円

Pen name: Deiryu-kutsu. Dharma transmission from Tesshu Chisei. He was ordained as a Rinzai Zen monk by Toshu Zenchu Nantenbo in 1911 in Kaisei-ji. He moved to Enpuku-ji in 1924 and practiced Zen under Tesshu Chisei. He became the abbot of Kaisei-ji in 1932. He was invited to be the Zen master of Enpuku-ji monastery in 1937. Zen master with a talent for calligraphy, painting and Chinese poetry.


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