Imei Syukei ” Early Cherry Blossoms”

ID  00037

Imei Syukei


Zen. Rinzai  The 115th chief abbot of the Syokoku-ji.


Painting of an Early Cherry Blossoms.


Paper Dimension 54.5*103

Whole Dimension 144.5*117.5

Painting by Sumi ink on a paper, fine. Remounting.


Price  200,000JPY


He entered Buddhist life under Motsugai who lives in  Dijyo Ji in Fukui prefecture. After the travel around Japan on foot, he went to Kougen In to study under Baisyo Kenjyo. Then he became a 115th chief abbot of Syokoku-Ji. He learned a painting from Ito Jyakuchu who is closely related to Syokoku-Ji. He is widely known as a master of Ume painter.  He died 78 years old.

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