Imagawa Teizan “Scoop up some water …”

ID 12439

(Imagawa)Teizan Soko


The Myoshin-ji branch. The 557th abbot of Myoshin-ji, the ex-chief of the Myoshin-ji branch. Rinzai-ji, Shizuoka. The founder of Tessyu-ji, Shizuoka.


水を掬すれば月手に在り 花を拈ずれば香衣に満つ 前妙心管長貞山

Scoop up some water and you have got the moon in your hands.Toy with flowers and their fragrance scents your garments.

The former chief abbot of the Myoshin-Ji, Teizan.


Paper Dimension 132*37

Whole Dimension 198.2*48.7

Vertical silk mounting. Normal style. Silk ink on paper,very fine. Mounting, good.

Paulownia box


Price 120,000JPY


Pen name: Kuge-an, Suigetsu. Dharma transmission from Sekko Shijun. Reconstructed Myoun-ji, Nasu and Dairyu-in sub-temples in Myoshin-ji. He founded Tesshu-ji in cooperation with Tesshu Yamaoka in Sizuoka.

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