Iida Toin ” Kannon Boddhisattva “

ID  00119

Iida Toin


Zen Soto. The founder of the Syorin Kutsu monastery.


色彩観音図 行到水窮處 坐看雲起時 文敬聖敬寫

A colored painting of a Kannon Boddhisattva ( deity of compassion ).

“If I go, I end up at the place where the origin of the streams, if I sit, I am witnessing the moment when the clouds arise. ” Bunkei Syo painting respectfully.


Paper Dimension 55*29.5

Whole Dimension 143*42

Paulownia box.

Sumi ink on paper and normal style silk mounting is aging but almost fine. Original one.



Price 100,000JPY

Honorific name Musyo. He was born in Yamaguchi prefecture. At 19 years old, He entered the medical faculty of Tokyo University. While taking care of many cholera patients, he realized the impermanence of human beings and decided to become a Buddhist. He entered the Buttu-ji of the Rinzai section in Hiroshima and studied under Zen master Kagawa Kanryo. Eventually, he transmitted Dharma from him.

He has an irrepressible desire to seek truth, he visited Rinzai Zen master Nantenbo in Kaisei-ji monastery in Nishinomiya furthermore and He also transmitted the Dharma from him.

He was ordained by Soto Zen master Harada sogaku in Hossin-ji at Obama when he was 60.  He settled in Toyo-ji in Chichibu, Saitama. Then he moved to Takatsuki in Osaka and founded the Syorinkutsu monastery. He is a free spirit with no religious affiliation and teaches many people beyond the boundaries of religious sects. He died at 75.