Hashimoto Dokuzan ” Spring dawn in the shrine “

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Hashimoto Dokuzan


Zen Rinzai. The 128th chief abbot of Syokoku-Ji. Rokuo-In at Saga in Kyoto.


Spring dawn in the shrine, nan’en painted


Paulownia box with a self-certification” tui un painted, spring dawn, October in 1930″


Paper dimension 114*28.5

Whole dimension 200*30.8

Sumi ink on paper and mounting is very fine.


Price 90,000JPY


Pen name; Taiun kutsu, Nanen kutsu. He has changed the honorific name several times. At first, aspiring to be a painter and moving to Kyoto, he trained under Tomioka Tessai. After a while, he had vague doubts in his heart, so he went to Tenryu-Ji to meet the chief abbot Gasan Syotei. After all, he entered Buddhist life. He studied under him in Tenryu-Ji monastery for several years, then he was transmitted the dharma from Gasan Syotei. In 1910, he became a chief abbot of Syokoku-Ji. In 1927, he resigned from all jobs and founded Rokuon-ji in Tottori prefecture to move there. He is widely known as a landscape painter.

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