Harada Sogaku ” Face-to-face Bodhidharma “

ID  00158

Harada Sogaku


Zen Soto. Hosshin-ji, Obama.


Face-to-face Bodhidharma.

Relative to each other. Dai’un Sogaku.

顔顔相對見や否 大雲祖岳書


Paper Dimension 112*33

Whole Dimension 186*45

Sumi ink on paper is clean. Normal-style silk mounting is also fine.

Paulownia box.

Price 80,000JPY

At age 20, he entered the Shogen monastery of the Rinzai, where he participated under the Taigi Sokin. Later, after graduating from Komazawa University, he studied under Sotan Oka, Kodo Akino of the Soto, and Toyoda Dokutan of the Rinzai. In 1911, he was assigned a professor at Soto University and became the abbot of Hosshin-ji in Fukui Prefecture and Chigen-ji in Kyoto. Known as a very strict person. He introduced the Rinzai Zen koan based on the Soto Zen training method and instructed a lot of monks and laymen.