Gettan Docho “An Ox made from mud is roaring on the top of snow mountain”

ID 00008

Gettan Docho


Zen Obaku. Jikishi-An, Kyoto.


An Ox made from mud is roaring on the top of a snow mountain ( Beyond our imagination )


Paper Dimension 120*29

Whole Dimension 197*39.5

Sumi ink on a paper, fine. Normal style silk mounting.

Paulownia box


Price 90,000JPY


Honorific name; Itetsu. After, Docho. He was born in Hikone at Shiga prefecture. He was a genius so he was suggested to become a monk in childhood. He went to Houfuku-Ji at Nagasaki to study under Ingen. Then He supported Ingen for 20 years as his follower. He was transsmitted Dharma from Ingen. After Ingen dead, he had been in mourning for Ingen for 3years. Out of that mourning, moved to Jikishi-An and became a 2nd chief abbot of Jikishi-An. He spread Buddhism widely there and he was respected by any kind of person regardless of Obaku section. In 1712, he passed away at age of 78.