Gettan Docho ” A flower of wisdom blooms in ..”

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Gettan Docho


Zen Obaku. The 2nd chief abbot of Jikishi-an.


慧花開覺苑  直指月潭

A flower of wisdom Blooms in the Garden of awakening. Jikishi Gettan.

Paper Dimension 115*26.3

Whole Dimension 194*28


Sumi ink on paper and tea ceremony style paper mounting are aging, but fine.


Price 90,000JPY

Former Buddist name Ichou, Douchou.  In 1653, he was ordained by Dokusho Syoen. Later, they went to Nagasaki together and had an audience with Ingen Ryuki. From his youth, he was famous as a master of poetry and writing. He transmitted Dokusyo’s Dharma and settled in Jikisshi-an in Nagasaki. He served as Ingen’s chamberlain for 20 years.