Gessyu Soko ” The golden-haired lion”

ID 11585

Gessyu Soko


Zen Soto. Daijyo-Ji, Ishikawa. Zenjyo-Ji at Uji, Kyoto.


The golden-haired lion. Gessyu.

With the certification box. Described by the Dr. Koichi Awakawa.


Paper Dimension 96.7*27.5

Whole Dimension179*31

Vertical silk mounting, normal style. Sumi ink on paper, stain and spot are. Mounting is good.

Paulownia box.


Price ¥650,000


Pen name: Kakei-sai. Dharma transmission from Hakuho Genteki. He also he practiced Zen under Ingen, Doja Chogen in Obaku. He became the 26th abbot of Daijo-ji in 1671. He is respected for the pioneer of the revival movement and to restore to the old Soto style.

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