Furukawa Taiko ” A circle “

ID 12338

Furukawa Taiko


Zen Rinzai. The 629th abbot of Myoshin-Ji. Seiken-Ji in Okitsu, Shizuoka.


A circle, Chief abbot of Myoshin 84 years old Taiko.


Paper Dimension

Whole Dimension

Vertical tea ceremony style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper with a few crinkled. 

Price 60,000円


Pen name: Reinan-shitsu. He practiced Zen under Kokan Soho in Myoshin-ji monastery. He became the abbot of Seiken-ji in Shizuoka in 1917. He became the secretary general of the Myoshin-ji branch in 1932. He was selected to be the chief abbot of Myoshin-ji in 1952 and stayed for 17 years. He built up a strong reputation as a prominent chief abbot.

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