Daikan Monjyu ” Iron staff “

ID  00126

Daikan Monjyu


Zen Rinzai. Houjyo-ji in Tanba, Kyoto. The founder of Nanzen-ji monastery.


Iron Staff

A person who fears this iron staff can go to paradise. Tan setsu.

Paper Dimension 77*27

Whole Dimension 160*30


Sumi ink on paper. Normal style silk mounting. Both are original and almost fine.


Price 80,000JPY

Honorific name Tansetsu ken. He was born in Mino. He was ordained at Tokoji temple in Fukui at the age of 9. At age 19, he achived enlightenment at Myokoji Temple in Owari. He transmitted dhama from Tōrei, but he continued his training until he reached the age of 28. He resided Hōjō-ji Temple as a chief abboto there in Tanba, and at age 55, he moved to the Nanzenji monastery to found new monastery and devoted himself to the restoration of the Nanzen-ji. In his later years, he moved to Gyokuzo- in,Kyoto, but returned to Nanzenji monastery soon again. He died at 77 years old.