Daien Buttsu ” A wall gazing Bodhidharma”

ID  00062

Daien Buttsu


Zen Soto. Eisyo-ji, Kyoto. The founder of Komyou-ji, Osaka.


Wall gazing Bodhidharma.

Peach chestnut three years, persimmon eight years.

桃栗三年 柿八年 通老書

(A Japanese proverb, peach and chestnut will take three years to yield fruit. A persimmon tree will take eight years to sprout fruit.)


Paper Dimension 94.5*28

Whole Dimension 170*30.5

Paulownia box

Sumi ink on  paper, fine. Normal style silk mounting, fine.


Price 120,000JPY

Dharma successor of Tomon Esei. He was the 21st abbot of Eisho-ji Temple at Mozume, Kyoto. He traveled around Osaka and Hyogo, he received donations from villagers in Nada Village and founded Koumyouji Temple in Osaka. He called the place where he lived “cave of a blue cliff “. Because of the severity of his Zen style, so people called him “Tiger Buttsu,” and his monastery pretty prospered. When his disciples asked him for a posthumous chant, he replied, “I have no posthumous chant. He died in the 8th year of Bunsei era (1818).