Daido Bunga ” The gentle breeze blows pine trees “

ID 00011

Daido Bunga


Zen Rinzai. Houjyo-ji in Tanba, Kyoto.


The gentle breeze blows pine trees


Paper Dimension 126.5*26.8

Whole Dimension 196.0*38.5

Normal style silk mounting, remounting. Sumi ink on paper.

Paulownia box


Price 100,000 JPY


Born in Musashi ( Tokyo ). Honorific name, Daido. Dharma name, Gisou, Ninka at first. After then Bunga. He entered into priest life at age of 19.  He studied under Cho’on ( Obaku ), Setsugai Sotei ( who has obtained dharma transmission from bankei ), then he continued to study under Kengan Zen’etsu in Hakata. He moved to hojyo-ji in Kyoto, and also the abbot of Hojyo-ji was transferred to him at age of 41. He has raised Keijyu Dorin. He died at age of 73.

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