Daido Bunga ” Crane fly over the snow “

ID 00295

Daido Bunga


Zen Rinzai. Hojyo-ji in Tanba, Kyoto.


Cranes fly over the snow as far as the eye can see.

(The crane is a symbol of longevity, and the crane dancing in the snow looks as if it is celebrating the beginning of the New Year.)


Paper Dimension 33*47 

Whole Dimension 114*62.5

Sumi ink on paper, there are few stains.

Tea ceremony style silk mounting is original and almost fine.

Paulownia box

Price 100,000JPY

At the age of 19, he became a monk and attended Zen master Chōon Dōkai of Obaku section, Setsugai Sotei in Korin-ji, Reigen Shūin, and Kengan Zenetsu, Oita. He has transmitted the Dharma from Kengan. At 41, he became a chief abbot of the Hojyo-ji in Ayabe, where he trained Keisyu Dōrin and other masters. He was called “Oni Daido ( means, formidable Zen Master ). He was posthumously named “Jisso Muso Zenji.