Bokujyu Sojyu ” Hanshan poem “

ID 00157

Bokujyu Sojyu


Zen Rinzai. The 471st chief abbot of Daitoku-ji. Sukyo-ji, Hyogo. Nansyu-ji, Osaka.


吾心似秋月 碧潭清皎潔 無物堪比倫 教我如何説

My mind is like the autumn moon, perfectly bright and clear as the emerald lake.

Since nothing can compare with it, how am I to put such thoughts into words?


Paper dimension 110*59

Whole dimension 196*76

Sumi ink on paper, slightly ink-stained. Silk mounting, fine. Both are original.

Price 80,000円


Pen name Ryu Un Ken. He was born in Izushi, Hyogo. He was ordained under Jyun’nou in Ryokoku-ji. He entered the Sogen-ji and studied under zen master Gisan Zenrai. After decades of hard work, eventually, he transmitted Dharma from Gisan Zenrai. He backed to Ryokoku-ji and take a position of the chief abbot, but he moved to Sukyo-ji soon due to receiving the request. He was asighned as zen master of Nansyu-ji by request of Gisan at 50 years old. In 1884, he was appointed as the headmaster of the Daitokuji section and made Jukouin a monastery. Hedied at 72 years old. He was proficient in tea ceremony, waka and haiku.。