Benjo Shokaku”Painting of Bodhidharma”

ID 8816

Benjo Shokaku


The Soto sect. The 4th abbot of Taisei-in , Fukui. The 11th abbot of Enko-ji, Shimane.


達磨図自画賛 聖諦廓然 箭西天を過ぎる 一葦航海 脚跟絶遄 咦 梁書を顧視するが如し 少林九歳を恨む 己卯(1759)秋 便成自図并拜賛

Painting of Bodhidharma. Like the sky clearing into solid color. One arrow has flown over the western sky. He crossed the river by a reed. He never left his footprints. He seemed to look back books in Southern Liang Dynasty. We feel bitter about his facing wall for 6 years. Painted and text added by Benjo at the autumn day in 1759


Paper Dimension 80.9*25

Whole dimension 160.2*35.4

Normal style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper,  a little rough, but restored. Mounting, good.

Paulownia box


Price 150,000JPY


Dharma transmission from Mutoku Ryogo. He was the master of Gaun in Dainei-ji in Yamaguchi and Sengan Tesso Jisso-in in Ishikawa.