Ashikaga Shizan ” Mu “

ID 00111

Ashikaga Shizan


Zen Rinzai. The 593th chief abbot of Myoshin-ji. The 526th chief abbot of Hoko-ji. The Zen master of Manjyu-ji, Oita.


無 閒雲百一歳

Mu , Kan’un 101 years old.


無 方廣寺閒雲老大師筆 昭和四十六年十一月吉祥日 臨済松堂題焉

The authentication was autographed by Zen master Kurauchi Shodo.



Paper Dimension 33*45.5

Whole Dimension 122*47.5

Sumi ink on paper. Tea ceremony style silk mounting. Both conditions is good.

Price 120,000JPY

Honorific name Muishitsu, Kanun shitsu. He was born in Ichinomiya, Aichi prefecture. He was ordained under Yorei who as abott of Seiken-ji in Shizuoka. Then he studied under Zen master Tairyu in Syogen-ji monastery in Gifu. He moved to Syokoku-ji in kyoto upon Tairyu’s death and continue to study under Zen master Ogino Dokuon. After many years of hard work, eventually, he was transmitted dharma from Ogino Dokuon. At 36 years old, he settled in Manjyu-ji in Oita. He founded a monastery and nursery school there. In 1927, he received the invitation to position as a chief abbot in Hoko-ji monastery and moved to there. In 1946, he retired from Hokoji Temple and returned to Oita, but in 1951, he became the chief abbot of the Hoko-ji School again, a position he held until his death in 1959. He died 101 yeras old. His calligraphy of his later years has been praised as exquisite.