Genrou O’ryo ” Dry up West river at one gulp “

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Genrou O’ryo


Soto section

The 22th abbot of Kosyo-ji in Kyoto. Toyoken in Osaka. 


Dry up west river at one gulp. 91 years old man Genro.


Paper Dimension 30.5*51

Whole Dimension 115.5*53.2

Horizontal tea ceremony style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper, fine. Mounting good.

Paulownia box


Price 280,000JPY

Pen name: Renzokai, Shakarashi,Ichikeiso, Roko-rojin. Dharma transmission from Zozan Monko. He published many books of Zen. His other name was “Ookami(Wolf) Genro”, meaning very strict in practise. The master of Fugai Honko in Koshaku-ji.

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