Dokushi Shinmyo ” LINGYUN ZHIQIN trigger of enlightenment “

ID : 8490

Dokushi Shinmyo


Zen Obaku. 

The 30th abbot of Manpuku-ji. Eimei-ji in Okayama. kakuon-ji in Yamaguchi.


Painting of  a 霊雲志勤 ( LINGYUN ZHIQIN ) 

He gained enlightenment when he saw a peach tree in bloom, ” The lamp record ” 

For thirty years I’ve sought the swordsman. I’ve seen many times the leaves have fallen, the branches bare. After seeing the peach blossoms, I Never doubting again. Painted in the quiet room under the tree in the summer time 1837, Obaku Dokushi.


Paper Dimension 39.7*47

Whole Dimension 117.2*56.2

Condition Paper Fine, Mounting Good

Box Paulownia

Price 180,000JPY

He practiced Zen under Yuho Nyotetsu in Eimei-ji in Okayama and received Dharma transmission from him. He became the abbot of Kakuen-ji in Yamaguchi in 1825. He was selected to be the chief abbot of Mapuku-ji in 1836.