Harada Sogaku ” One stroke brushed Dharma “

ID  00097

Harada Sogaku


Zen Soto. Hosshin-Ji, Fukui. Chigen-Ji, Kyoto. Professor of Komazawa University.



Paper Dimension 29*33

Whole Dimension 118*39.5

Sumi ink on paper, fine. Tea ceremony style silk mounting, good.


Price 60,000JPY

Honorificname is Daiun. He entered into Syogen-Ji of Rinzai section monastery and studied under zen master Taigi when he was 20 years old. And he continued to study under Oka Sotan, Akino Kodo of Soto zen master and Toyota Dokutan of Rinzai after graduated Komazawa University. In 1911, He positioned as a professor at Komazawa University. And then he resided Hossin-ji in Fukui,  Chigen-Ji in Kyoto as chief abbot of them. He was known as a strict man who held a Sessin 6 times a week until when he was 90 years old. He adopted the Rinzai Koan style based on a traditional Soto Zen. He trained a lot of monks and laymen by its mixed style.

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