Tetsugen Doukou

ID :11408

Tetsugen Doukou


Obaku section  

Zuiryu-ji in Osaka. 


Tree. Clean streams run without interruption.The evergreen tree have never withered before. Tetsugen.


Paper Dimension 30.5*55.5

Whole Dimension 121*70

Condition Paper rough, Mounting not rough.


Box Paulownia


Price 150,000JPY

Born in Kumamoto prefecture, he became a monk when 13 years of age and visited Nagasaki to meet Ingen Ryuki in his 26 years old. Later he practiced Zen under Mokuan and received Dharma transmission in 1676. He resolved to make a print all the Buddhist scripture from a wood block from about 1665. He was invited to be the re-founder of Zuiryu-ji in Osaka. He contributed all collected voluntary subscriptions of the wood block printing for twice famines in Osak. He was said to save more than ten thousands peoples’ life. He was called the Savior of Osaka. He had to raise funds three times, so people said he could publish all the Buddhist scripture three times. He died suddenly at his age 53 during he was engaging himself in the relief work.

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