Unshu Johki ” Hundreds fortune gush out.. “

ID : 10772

Unshu Johki


Obaku section  

Shiunzan Zuishoji


Hundreds fortune gush out, it’s like a fountain.


Paper Dimension 120.3*28.3

Whole Dimension 183.6*39.2

Condition Paper Fine, Mounting Good

Box Paulownia


Price 100,000JPY


Dharma transmission from Kakuho Genrei. He made an effort to help Chainese priest Hakujun Shoko to take over the head abbot of Manpuku-ji after 19th head abbot Sengan Genko. He was charged the general secretary of Obaku sect. He was selected to be the abbot of Zuisho-ji in Edoin 1770.

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