Doukoku Eko ” Dragon “

ID No: 11421

Name: Doukoku Eko

Birth and Death: ? -1773?


Sect: Soto

Temple: Kagaku-ji, Himeji. Denpo-an, Ishikawa.


Text: Dragon, come out from the cave with clouds. Dokoku.


Style: Horizontal silk mounting. Tea ceremony.

Condition: Paper slightly faded.  Mounting little bit rough.

Whole dimension: 134.8*66.7  Paper dimension 44*52.6

Box: Paulownia


Price: ¥100,000


Pen name; He was recommended to be the abbot of rotation of Denpo-an in Soji-ji, Noto Ishikawa in 1772. He retired from Denpou-an and came b ack to Kagaku-ji 1773.