Daikaku Seppo ” Staff “

ID No: 12180

Name: Daikaku Seppo

Sct; Zen.Soto

Birth and Death: ? -1761

Temple: Eigann-ji, Iwate. Ryuuge-in, Ueno at Tokyo.


Text: Painting a Staff,  If you can figure out ” Syu-jyo-su ( Staff ) “, you don’t need to study anymore from then. Cho-yo Seppo.


Style; Vertical silk mounting

Condition; paper good, mounting too.

Whole dimension: 186.5*27.8   

Paper dimension: 112.3*25.4

Box; Paulownia


Price: 120,000 JPY


Dharma transmission from Hyakujun Goyu. He is very famous as ‘Datsue-Seppou’, meaning not to put on his piest’s robe. Mokuzan, the abbot of Tosho-ji in Chiba Prefecture and Daikaku Seppou lost their case in the Shogunate court and were under sentence of the exile with taking up their piest’s robes.But an officer took pity on them and handed their robes secretly. Mokusan received with gratitude, but Seppou refused to receive flinging away with no robe. He was unflinching courage and a man of decision.