Ashi Kyodo ” Painting Zen Master “

ID No: 12212

Name: Ashi Kyodo


Birth and Death: 1838-1895

Section: Zen. Rinzai


Temple; Myoshin-ji branch and Tofuku-ji branch. The 544th abbot of Myoshin-ji and 290th of Tofukuji. Zen master of Shofuku-ji, Kobe. Shorin-ji, Osaka.


Text: Painting of the Chan Master Tsu-ming (Jimyo Zenji). Through piercing discipline, the ancients grew illustrious.

Style: Vertical silk mounting. Tea ceremony style.


Condition: Paper: A little rough, but restored. Mounting: Good. Remounting.


Whole Dimension: 134*23.2

Paper Dimension: 60.2*21

Box: Pulownia


Price: 150,000JPY


Pen name: Honorific name: Jintsujuryo Zenji. Pen name: Yoshin-ken. Dharma transmission from Kaizan Sokaku. He couldn’t answer the Zen question from the layman Mr. Chiba. So he roused himself to Practiced Zen again. Over a period of 14 years, he walked 32㎞ everyday to visit Zen master Kaizan in Enpuku-ji, Yawata from Osaka.

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