Syunsou Jyosyu Mt.Fuji

ID No: 11096


Name: Shunso Jyosyu

Birth and Death: 1751-1839


Section: Rinzai

Temple: The Myoshin-ji branch. The 470th abbot of Myoshin-ji. Jikou-ji, Awa,Tokushima. Enpuku-ji, Yawata Kyoto.


Texts: Painting of Mt. Fuji.

Longevity is firm and rises just like a highest mountain. Shunso.


Style: wide tea ceremony style, paper mounting

Condition: few moth holes on the mounting 

Whole dimension: 113.3*64.8  Paper dimension: 33.2*57

Box: Paulownia box with certification. “This is an original shunso writing and painting.”



Price: ¥150,000


Honorific name: Daikankosho Zenji. Pen name: Ryoen-shitsu, Ryuzan-shitsu, Unsho-so. Dharma transmission from Suio Genro who was Dharma heir to Hakuin Zenji. Also practiced Zen under Ranzan in the Kogetsu school and under Tengei, Daikyu and Reigen in the Hakuin school. He was skilled at Zen painting.

*Gyokkan Genshoku (1769-1855) Pen name: Hange-sai, Daikyu. Dharma transmission from Inzan Ien. At beginning he studied Chinese classics, but he noticed he should practice more important thing, sitting Zen. He practiced Zen under Daiun in Hofuku-ji, Gazan in Toki-an and Ranzan in Kogetsu school. After then he trained under Inzan for more than ten years. He returned to Kogen-ji. He taught Chinese classics for beginners, but they were more than 25 years, he ordered to enter the monastery for sitting Zen.

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